Watermark Services

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What is a watermark?

Originally a watermark is a more or less transparent image or text that has been applied to protect the original image or to make it harder to copy the item. You can adjust the watermark the way you’d like: make it large or small, transparent or opaque, make the watermark prominent in the picture for strong protection or add a glass-like watermark – the possibilities are endless. 


Custom Text Watermarks

Create fully customized watermarks in seconds. Edit text, colour, font, size, rotation, background and more. Supports normal, italic, bold and bold italic font styles.

Company logo watermarks
Watermark photos with your company logo. Supported logo formats are JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF and BMP.

Copyright Symbols
Make your watermark official with a copyright, trademark or a registered symbol.

Pixel-perfect Positioning
Position your watermarks with precision.

Fonts Galore
Choose from hundreds of integrated fonts or use your own custom font

Automatic Tiling
For ultimate protection, your custom watermarks can be automatically tiled across the whole photo.

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